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Payment Options


12 months no interest financing

You, as the customer can now apply for credit at JBQAV! You can apply at the store or over the phone and use the credit card you receive in the mail at JBQAV. It is as simple as a one page application that our sales staff completes for you. Application time typically takes 10 minutes or less; making it easy for you to get your gear and use it in little time! Use your card offered by JBQAV in our store, by phone or online at

Google Wallet (Coming Soon)

Formmally known as Google Checkout, you as the customer can store all your credit card information, gift cards and loyalty accounts right in your Google Account. Use the checkout feature on our website


Serve is an online payment service offered by American Express. It comes with a prepaid card and a subscription costs 1.00 a month! You can load your account with cash, use a credit card with their online services or transfer from any bank based in the US and make a payment to JBQAV by email or via the provided card.

Check By Phone

We can accept your payment for gear in the form of a paper check at the store or ACH transfer right from your bank account (if you are placing an order over the phone or from our website